Friday, December 19, 2014

Saga Furs, International Fur Trend 2015 runway show: WU. D

Saga Furs 2015

International Fur Trend 2015 runway show: Todd Lynn / Sagafurs

International Fur Trend 2015 runway show: Saga Furs

International Fur Trend 2015 runway show: Creatures of the Wind

Lady Gaga tweeted her support for Oscar de la Renta about to be a good fashion citizen.

*Lady Gaga tweeted her support for Oscar de la Renta after Oscar had a hissy fit. Gaga tweeted: “Bravo Oscar. Only you would be so chic as to purchase an entire page in WWD, making statements like a good fashion citizen.”

Lady Gaga wears a hot-pink Giorgio Armani fur coat!

The singer was recently  wearing what appeared to be a a hot-pink Giorgio Armani fur coat  after a trip to the Armani New York boutique.

Gaga fur style

 In true Lady Gaga style, the fashionista made a stylish arrival by sporting a long ivory coloured luxurious faux fur coat and silver heels!

Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Saga Furs Design Centre

Saga Furs Design Centre is the world's creative laboratory for developing new ideas in fur. We share our innovation with the world of fashion.

Saga Furs Design Centre is the starting point for creating fur fashion.
Saga Furs invites the biggest names in fashion and rising young talent to seminars at Saga Furs Design Centre in Denmark. Our team of expert craftsmen and design specialists teach select techniques to help designers realize creative ideas and add value to collections. We also help them source Saga Furs and any services needed to produce fur creations. An invaluable marketing tool, Saga Furs Design Centre is where the concept of fashion fur was reinvented and continues to move forward through unconventional thinking.




CLOGS and shoes, Fashion by Terhi Pölkki !


    Terhi Pölkki's brand launched in fall 2011. Helsinki-based designer Terhi Pölkki’s style sums up the brand’s coveted aesthetic of minimalist luxury with a tough edge. This sustainable and high quality ecological vegetan leather shoe range is made in Portugal and Finland. The shoe collection is made of metal and chrome-free leather materials. The different surface structures combine matt and shiny materials. The end result is collection of layered uppers with hand-stitched details.
    Operating in a sustainable manner is an important principle for Terhi Pölkki’s brand: materials chosen for the shoes are ecological and of the highest quality; the leather used in the shoe collection is vegetable tanned, which means it does not contain any chrome or metals; and the tanning process of the leather also takes the environment into consideration by reducing water consumption, drying the leather at room temperature and re-using the solid waste as fertilisers.
    Terhi Pölkki shoes are made within a context that respect people and the environment. All of the shoes are manufactured within the European Union and the experienced factories in Portugal and Finland offer good work conditions for employees along with quality of craftsmanship.

    Terhi Pölkki Clogs from Terhi Pölkki on Vimeo.